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Saturday, 16 February 2019

Urdu poetry

Urdu poetry
When it comes to sad and love poetry, many poets wrote their mind-blowing notes. Some wrote on defining the beauty of their beloved, others wrote to express their distressed condition after the infidelity of their Mehboob. Ahmad Faraz, Parveen Shakir, John Ailia, Syed Wasi Shah, Mohsin Naqvi, Nasir Kazmi are few big names who wrote marvellous poems for broken hearts, When you read their poems, you can feel the depth and quality of romance and emotions as if it happens with you or as if it all happened in front of you. They can take you to the world of imagination where they penned down their feelings on the page. Urdu poetry

Mohsin Naqvi
Known for his excellent interpretation of sad heart in a beautiful and realistic manner, earned Mohsin Naqvi huge praise in the circle of poetry. Here are some of his best lines taken from his book.

Enjoy Apny zabt py Naz tha say bam rat ye Kia hoa

Meri ankh kesy chalak gae mjhy ranj hy ye bura hoa

Mjhy ap kyn na samjh skay kabhi apny dil sy bhee puchye

Meri dastan-e hayat ka to warq warq hy khula hoa

Mery Aik gosha-e Fikr mn meri zindagi sy azeez tar

Mera aik esa bhee dost hy Jo mila kabhi na juda hoa

Urdu poetry

Zikr-e Shabe Firaq say what us bhee thee

Meri that kisi by Muhabbat use bhee thee

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